Fashion Trends- The Coming Back of Boyshorts This Summer!

There are so many different styles of swimsuits available for women that it can be difficult to choose or find the best one for you. For bathing suit tops there are halter tops, strapless, triangle tops, balconettes, and bandeau tops – and that is just to name a few. There is the same great range of choices when it comes to the styles available for swimsuit bottoms.

In the past few years, women have preferred to wear itsy, bitsy bathing suit bottoms. In Europe and certain parts of South America, cheeky bathing suit bottoms or even thong have become incredibly popular. These styles show some or all of the butt cheeks and are a more revealing look. However, there is a resurgence of women who are wearing boyshort undies as their bathing suit bottoms. As we head into the summer months of 2017, it is sure to stay an enticing choice for women around the world.


What are Boyshorts?

Boyshorts refer to a particular style of women’s underwear. Underwear or bathing suit bottoms are cut along the tops of the thighs whereas, boyshorts go down the hips. It makes them look a bit more like men’s boxer-briefs than regular women’s underwear. Hence, this is where the name of the style comes from.

Women can use this type of bottom as underwear and bathing suits. It is a style that gained popularity just after the 1950’s. For a while, its appeal seemed to wane, and women moved onto other looks throughout the 1980’s. However, boyshorts saw a renewed popularity in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. It was during this time that the style became more popular as an undergarment option.

When looking at the swimsuits available for this summer, it is evident that the boyshorts bottoms are back in style. It should be an overly surprising fashion trend that swimwear tends to ebb and flow. Therefore, it makes sense that boyshorts would become a popular choice for summer 2017.

Boyshorts as Underwear

Boyshorts are excellent as an undergarment. They offer more coverage than usual underwear or panties but are just as comfortable. For some women, this is an ideal combination, as these cosy boyshorts perfectly match with many different bottoms and dresses. It is not uncommon for women to choose this style under a tight dress because it prevents a panty line from showing across the backside of the dress. As well, boyshorts are a great underwear option for young girls who are not ready to wear something more revealing. For this reason, some boyshorts are made with funny designs and bright colours.

Boyshorts for Bathing Suits

Women, regardless of ages and sizes, are choosing boyshorts for their bathing suit styles, and are loving the choice. In fact, in the 1950’s this type of cut was first seen on European swimming costumes, and it caused quite a stir for being revealing. Of course, times have changed, and boyshorts are one of the more modest cuts for bathing suit bottoms today.

The main reason that boyshorts are becoming more popular is that they provide a bit more coverage along the backside of the bathing suit bottom and across the thighs. Being less revealing, makes women feel more confident in their bathing suit, particularly for those with body complexity. This explains why boyshorts are growing in popularity among older women.

Boyshort bikini bottom

Boyshorts look great when paired with a bikini top, as part of a tankini, or even attached to a one-piece swimsuit. There is no right or wrong way to wear boyshorts these days, and designers offer a great variety of shaped tops to go with boyshorts bottoms.

Choosing the Right Boyshorts

Retailers are showing colours, patterns, varying lengths and materials to please a broad range of customers. The type of fabrics is dependent on a person’s wants and needs. It can be stiff and constructed, to flexible and freeing. Most importantly is to choose one that makes you feel comfortable and is water resistant. One popular type of fabric is polyester which is soft and comfortable for wearing over an extended period. It is also durable and highly resistant to holes or wears and tears. Additionally, it is quick-drying, which makes it great swimming fabric.

Types of swimwear fabrics

Another popular fabric for boyshorts swimming suits is nylon. Nylon is a soft, smooth, form fitting fabric. It tends to cling to curves and skin, which makes it great for staying in place in and out of the water but can be too tight for some women. However, do not expect a nylon bathing suit to last as long as a polyester one, especially when used in chlorinated pools.

Finally, people shopping for boyshorts should consider spandex. It is the best-known fabric that offers comfort by holding everything in tighter and better. With its remarkable benefits in swimwear, it is perfect for boyshorts, making women hips and thighs look and feel thinner and slimmer.

Of course, there are also swimsuits that come in a blend of the fabrics mentioned above. For instance, many boyshorts are made of 80% nylon and 20% spandex. The combination of these materials is designed to bring out the best features of each fabric individually, eliminating the cons. A nylon-spandex blend will offer both softness and flexibility. Ultimately, the right cloth for boyshorts will be the one that makes you feel great, comfortable and confident when you try them on for the first time!